University history

1897 Founded as Kyoto Imperial University
College of Science and Engineering established
1899 Colleges of Law and Medicine established
University Library and Hospital established
1906 College of Letters established
1914 College of Science and Engineering separated into the College of Engineering and the College of Science
1919 Colleges renamed Faculties
Faculty of Economics established
1923 Faculty of Agriculture established
1925 Clock Tower completed
1933 Takikawa incident
1936 Alumnus Naoto Tajima (Faculty of Economics 1936) won gold in men's triple jump at the Berlin Olympics
1940 University flag and song adopted
1943 Student mobilization for World War II begun following the termination of temporary conscription exemption
1946 First female students matriculated
1947 Kyoto Imperial University renamed Kyoto University.
1949 Reorganized under the new educational system, with the Third High School (Dai San Kou) merged into the University
Faculty of Education and the University's branch school (Bunko, precursor to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) established
Hideki Yukawa awarded Nobel Prize in Physics, becoming the first Japanese laureate
1950 Bunko opened in Uji (with initial courses for first-year students)
1960 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences established
1969 Period of significant student protest
1984 Student American football club won the Rice Bowl national championship
1992 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reorganized into the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies
Policy of prioritizing graduate schools implemented
1993 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences closed
1997 Centennial anniversary commemorated
2003 Relocation of Graduate School of Engineering to Katsura Campus begun
Clock Tower Centennial Hall completed
2004 Kyoto University incorporated to become a National University Corporation
2006 Kyoto University Alumni (KUA) established
2007 Kyoto University Fund established
2017 Kyoto University granted Designated National University (DNU) status by the education ministry
2022 125th anniversary of the University's founding

You can help usYou can help us

Kyoto University accepts donations through its Kyoto University Fund (KUF)
to support these anniversary initiatives, bolstering human capital development
and the long-term enhancement of Kyodai-ryoku.